Week 1 – A Plot and No Plan

I have my plot, now I just need a plan.

I’m reliably informed by people much more knowledgeable than me (I am a complete novice gardener) that the best course of action is to kill any weeds by covering them with membrane and just leave it to do its work.

Now, while this form of minimal effort weeding is something I can totally get behind I really felt like I wanted to do some actual digging so I’m currently doing a combination of the 2 – digging out as many of the obvious weeds as I can, then covering the area with the membrane.

I was also advised to start in one corner and methodically work my way across the plot, covering it as I go. Sounds great, right? Yeah, I’m far too erratic for anything so organised! I really have tried to do the whole methodical thing but I keep getting distracted so the plot looks a bit ‘patchworky’ at the moment.

After a week’s work (I’ve been down there every other day and worked for 1 to 2 hours each time) this is what the plot looks like. Still loads to do but it looks a lot better than I imagined it would a week ago.



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