Welcome to my blog!

Hi. My name’s Nici.

I’ve thought about starting a blog for a while – there’s a book in all of us, right? – but I didn’t really feel I had anything to write about. That was until last week when I acquired a half plot on my local allotment.

The above photo is what the plot looked like when I first got it – all a bit overwhelming to be honest and I have to admit I did wonder what on earth I’d taken on! It looked enormous and ridiculously overgrown. Having spoken to a couple of other plot holders I’m told taking on a plot like mine is pretty standard (one of the plots still has a kid’s swing buried in it after the new plot holder couldn’t manage to dig it out!) and I’m assured it won’t take as long as I fear to make it look good and, more importantly for it to start producing fruit and veg.

So, please join me in, what I hope will be the transformation of an overgrown, rubbish strewn piece of waste land into a productive allotment.





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