Week 2 – Brute Force and Brambles

I’ve worked hard on the allotment this week and I feel like it’s really paid off.

Back to work/college for us after a week off for half term holidays, so I’ve had less spare time to spend on the allotment but I managed to get down there Friday after work, Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon.

I had a slight wobble on Friday when I just felt like I’d taken on too much and the clearing of the site just seemed like far too big a task. I spent an hour on the plot but didn’t do much apart from stand around trying to picture what it would all look like if I ever finished it!

After Friday’s doubts I decided the best way to tackle this project is to be realistic about how much I’m able to do each time I visit. I was reminded by a friend that this is a long term project and I can’t expect it to be ready overnight!

With this in mind I was feeling much more positive on Saturday as I set about the severely overgrown brambles with the shears. Brute force and ignorance I’m afraid but that seemed to do the trick because by the time I left at around 10.30 the site was looking a little less wild and overgrown.

Today I had big plans to spend the whole day on the allotment – it didn’t quite pan out that way as I got caught up in The Archers omnibus (poor Nic) so it was nearly 12 by the time I was in a fit state to venture outside.

I spent about 3 hours all told tackling the ‘extension’ (the extra piece of land at the back of the plot) A fair amount of that time was spent cutting back all the overgrown brambles and transporting them to the makeshift garden waste pile. Remarkably satisfying lopping off bits of blackberry bush with total abandon! Although, slightly worrying at times as it looked very much like the brambles were the only thing holding the fence up in places.

I’m pleased to say I managed to get to the back of the plot where the mural is. The extension is looking pretty clear and ready to be covered with membrane, which is a job for next week. All in all feeling pretty pleased with myself – if a bit achey.



The extension before and after the hard graft this weekend




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