Week 4

I’ve planted something!

My agricultural advisor (!) has advised me rhubarb is an absolute doddle to grow. I think his words were “You just chuck it in a corner and leave it and before you know it you’ll have so much rhubarb you won’t know what to do with it all” (I’m paraphrasing but that was the general gist) He also assured me I need to grow potatoes and onions and I would need to get them in the ground pretty soon. So, I bought all of the above, quickly read the instructions on the packets and headed down to the allotment…only to find potatoes need chitting (yes, that is a real word – it’s a whole new language!) before I can plant them. The onions just scared me because there were so many of them. So, the only thing I planted was the rhubarb. I have absolutely no idea if I planted it correctly or in the right place but it’s in the ground and that feels like a win at this stage.


If you turn your head to the side and squint a bit you may be able to spot the rhubarb!

After running out of membrane last week I’d come to terms with the fact that I was going to have to fork out (see what I did there?!) more money to buy enough to cover the extension. I happened to mention this to my mum and to my (cheapskate) delight she presented me with a rather large piece of tarpaulin that she just happened to have hanging around in her shed (parents, I’ve found often have weirdly useful stuff tucked away in sheds and spare bedrooms or is it just mine?) This huge piece of tarpaulin is large enough to completely cover the extension area – hooray!


As well as covering the extension I also took some of the rubbish to the tip. Not a job I was looking forward to. My plot is the furthest from the allotment gate and at the bottom of a slope, the car is parked across a green and I’m not as young as I used to be so it was a bit of a mission to get 5 rubble sacks of rubbish out into the car and to the tip. Pleased to say I did it with no major incidents.

On Tuesday after school my son agreed to join me on the allotment. He brought his Nintendo DS with him but, to my surprise as soon as we arrived he left it on the table and picked up a spade (I have photographic evidence of this if I’m ever called on to prove he isn’t permanently glued to a screen) Unfortunately, while I was busy cutting back brambles he started digging on my neighbour’s plot but we’ll keep that between us! Once I directed him back to the correct piece of land he did some pretty good digging. He also chose which part of the plot he wants to grow some veg on.

It was Mother’s day this week and I would normally take mum out for lunch to a nice restaurant. Not this year! This Mother’s day we had lunch at a local garden centre followed by a mooch round. I bought some parsnip seeds and some sweet pea seeds (to attract the bees) and some welly socks (obviously because you can never have too many welly socks!)


So, a good week overall.

A little bit of progress made, and a little bit of shopping which is always good!




One thought on “Week 4

  1. Hi Nic before I had Ellie and Harry I did try my hand at growing veg! Mostly in pots but did buy a couple of raised beds. Potatoes, onions, runner beans, beetroot, Peppers, carrots and Brussel sprouts all with some success. I did grow a cucumber but it was the most horrible thing I have ever tasted. One day I shall try again but in the meantime I will enjoy reading your blog.

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