Week 5

We’ve had snow!


It’s snowed on and off all weekend. Definitely not allotment weather so very little change this week.

One of the many things I’m learning through this process is gardeners are more than happy to share their knowledge. So when I mentioned that I’d planted rhubarb last week a friend recommended I cover it with a ceramic pot to protect it from the predicted cold snap.

So, taking his advice, after school on Thursday we visited the local garden centre, found a nice pot and took it to the allotment to cover said rhubarb. My agricultural advisor has since informed me, if I leave it covered it will force the rhubarb to grow (not sure how I feel about ‘forcing’ anything to grow but he assures me it’s fine) and I’ll end up with really tender ‘champagne’ rhubarb. Anything with the word ‘champagne’ in its name has to be good, right?


It was a lovely sunny evening so we stayed a while. I concentrated on cutting back more of the brambles and clearing the rotten wood along the fence line. I was accompanied by a small dog barking his annoyance at me! He was in one of the neighbouring back gardens and can see me through the fence now I’ve removed the brambles. Hopefully he’ll get used to me otherwise it may not turn out to be the peaceful sanctuary I’d envisaged.

While I concentrated on the brambles my son was digging (correct plot this time!) He made quite a substantial hole which, thankfully I remembered the location of because a thick layer of snow made it almost impossible to see when I visited yesterday.

Despite the snow I spent about an hour on the plot yesterday. I didn’t actually do any gardening, I just put some food out for the birds and dug over a small area to bring up some worms. I love robins! Within minutes of finishing digging I had this little fella checking it out for a tasty snack. This makes me happy.


Hopefully that’s the end of the snow and we can get on with Spring (although I keep reading about snow over easter or maybe that’s just an early April Fool’s joke?)


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