Week 12

After covering the whole plot last week I was worried I would have nothing to do (or write about) this week. The experienced gardeners are having a little chuckle to themselves at this point because there is ALWAYS something to do in the garden!

I spent a couple of hours pottering after work on Thursday. It’s been a beautifully sunny week and it was lovely to spend 2 hours in the sunshine (we live in a flat with a communal garden so the allotment is my only outside space that’s just mine) I did a bit of weeding on the onion bed and in the potato pot (bloody bindweed managed to find its way in there – is no where safe?!) I cut back the nettles that had popped up around the edges of the plot. I actually love the fact that, despite all our efforts to tame nature it still finds a way.



Saturday was another sunny day (am I allowed to, very tentatively say summer’s arrived?) and I spent another enjoyable couple of hours weeding the onions and potatoes and just pottering (pottering is absolutely a ‘thing’ in gardening and totally allowed)

I spent an hour on Sunday morning mooching around the local boot sale. I was hoping to find some gardening tool bargains but, sadly there were none to be had. I did, however pick up a really sweet bird feeder which is now hanging up on the side of the shed. On the way home I popped into The Range and picked up a hoe (a Dutch one for those interested) to make weeding a bit easier – up to this point I’d been using a small fork.


I headed to the allotment at about 11am. I used my new hoe to weed the onions. A whole lot less back breaking not having to bend double to weed!

There is definitely something very strange about allotments. Yesterday I arrived at about 11am and half an hour later it was already 12.30pm and time to go home! Does that mean I’m enjoying myself?

During the time I was there I watered the onions and potatoes (all still growing! YAY!) and did a bit more weeding. Bind weed! If you’re a gardener I may have just sent a shiver down your spine – sorry! It’s just bloody relentless and will grow from the tiniest piece left in the ground. I’ve learnt, this week what it looks like when it starts to grow and it’s so much easier to remove at that point but I do so wish it would just do one!

Aswell as the main (now covered) plot you’ve all seen, I also have a small bed along the side of the shed. I only realised it was mineĀ  a couple of weeks ago and I had other things to do so it’s been left. Yesterday I decided I’d have a go at clearing it. I removed the weeds and nearly filled a rubble sack with bits of plastic and other rubbish. It doesn’t look like much and I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to grow there but I’m pleased with it. I’m also discovering there are only a handful of things in life more satisfying than pulling up an enormous root!

Later in the afternoon I popped over to my friend’s to have a look at her allotment. She’s on a huge site with 60+ plots so there was a lot for me to look at. We found we have completely different ideas about what makes a perfect plot. I like orderly beds with lots of straight lines while she favours a more organic, creative style. This came as no surprise to either of us based on our personalities!

We had a wander round as there were a couple of plots she really wanted me to see. There was one plot I was particularly impressed with. I liked the individual, structured beds and the covered paths. This is absolutely what I’m aiming for on my plot. The plot holder was there and she was happy to answer my questions and let me take a photo. I have to admit to having (for the first time in my life) plot envy!


All in all a really interesting afternoon and it confirmed what I keep being told – everyone gardens differently. Lots to think about and my friend gave me a very gentle ribbing about some of the more dubious decisions I’ve made on my plot!

Oh! For those of you following the rhubarb saga here’s the latest photo.


I know! I know! There’s nothing there. For reasons I can’t really remember now, both AA and HA advised me to just remove the stalk, so I did! Oh – and someone’s taken the rogue rhubarb so I can’t even cheat and show you a photo of that! I realise a few of you will be quite upset to see this so to make up for it here’s a photo of my sunflowers which are growing beautifully.


So, here’s what the plot looked like yesterday – not much difference from last week apart from the very welcome sunshine!


One thought on “Week 12

  1. Hi Nici,

    Even more interesting, you are certainly an enthusiast.

    I thought I would get a taxi to take me to the Food Bank today. Just to meet up with everyone and catch up on news. I can only walk a bit even with a stick, but I felt like going.

    Nobody there except Andrew!

    So I spent a short time having a pleasant chat, and came home again. He had left me a message asking how I was, so I was glad to see him, but it seemed a bit lonely….

    Hope all goes well, you must be very fit! Love, Betty x


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