Week 20

Wow! What amazing weather we’ve been having. Temperatures regularly hitting 27 degrees. I love the sun but when they start to talk about a hose pipe ban, as a new gardener I start to panic a little bit.


On Tuesday I was on the plot by 7.15am. It was so lovely to be on the allotment first thing on a warm sunny morning with no one else about. I watered everything really well as it’s been so hot. Michelle arrived at about 8am (I was on the allotment before Michelle! YAY!)

I decided the chrysanthemum needed to come out of its pot. I couldn’t decide where to plant it though. Then I remembered there’s a space between the 2 sunflowers in the courgette and squash bed. So that’s where it went. It seems to be doing ok there.

I walked back down in the evening at about 8. I stayed for about an hour and finished digging the 4th bed.



It was still quite hot even that late in the day but not as unbearably hot as earlier in the day. Richard arrived at about 8.30pm and we chatted while we worked. I don’t often see him so it was nice to catch up with how he’s doing. Dan joined us too. He thinks I need to get the peppers in the ground. I’m a bit scared about planting them out to be honest, but I know they can’t stay in their pots forever.


I didn’t make it to the allotment much for the rest of the week. I popped in  before work on Wednesday to water everything but it was Saturday before I made it down there again properly.

I arrived at 9am on Saturday (I didn’t beat Michelle that day – she was already there when I arrived) and spent a good 3 hours on the plot. The first thing I did was water and weed Dan’s plot. Everything’s coming along nicely. It was a beautiful day on Saturday – an amazingly clear blue sky.


The plan for Saturday was to start on the 5th bed but, really it was far too hot to dig. So, instead I spent most of my time tidying up the plot. I cleared, folded and stored a lot of the, now redundant weed suppressant fabric. I used some of it to re-cover some of the areas on the plot where the weeds have started to come through but most of it went in the shed.


I collected all the spare pieces of wood and put them in a neat pile in the extension area. I used some of the better condition, longer decking boards as paths for in between the beds. A really productive morning and good to know it’s nice and tidy for the next few days when I can’t be there (I’m going on a residential holiday with my school)

I’m shocked at how well everything is growing. The courgettes in particular have just gone mad over the last couple of weeks – they really are huge and there are already courgettes on them. As ever, I know I shouldn’t be surprised by this (they’re courgette plants afterall) but I’m still in awe of nature.

Due to a wonderfully raucous evening last night (thankyou N and C!) I was not feeling great today. I’m sure it was something I ate(!) So I spent a lot of today in bed recovering. I am totally blaming N. for insisting I try so many cocktails until I found one I liked (turns out I like ‘Oh Henry’!)  I was finally feeling up to facing the world by early evening so at 6.30pm I took a lovely walk down to the allotment. I only stayed about 20 minutes. I just watered really because, even so late in the day it was still far too hot to do much else.

Rhubi is still going from strength to strength. Loads of new growth. I keep seeing people on Instagram making rhubarb gin – I totally want to try this but it won’t be until next year.


The carrots are growing steadily. You can definitely see the 2 lines now. I can’t even begin to tell you how much joy these bring me every time I see them!


The parsnips that Michelle gave me are coming along nicely too.


My friend, C. has asked to see photos of the trees on the plot. I have a pear tree and an apple tree next to the shed. No pears yet but we do have some apples. There is also a plum tree in the communal path area and there are plums on it – I’ve never seen plums growing so it’s all very exciting (yes, I know I’m easily pleased!) So, here are some photos of the fruit trees just for C.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The kale is just a disaster zone! It looks like there might be new growth in there somewhere but it doesn’t seem to be doing much. I keep watering it hoping it will revive itself but, I have to say my hopes aren’t high! After seeing C’s kale last night I think I’m going to have to concede and admit she’s won the kale competition.


So, another great week on the plot in beautiful sunshine and soaring temperatures and looking forward to another sunny week this week (but please some rain soon!)

One thought on “Week 20

  1. Even though our season starts earlier than most, it seems that everyone else catches up fast with all the warm weather everywhere else. It has been so nice here, but things are growing slowly. My rhubarb still looks good, but is not getting much better fast enough. I did not take any from the small plant because I want it to grow.


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