Week 42

I had such good intentions to do at least some work on the plot this week but due to a trip to London and rain we have only managed one very fleeting visit.

As I said last week, I was worried about what I might find when I eventually got back down there but it wasn’t too bad actually. The brussel sprouts weren’t quite as bad as I’d been picturing in my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully aware this is not what a healthy brussel sprout plant should look like but they are definitely better than the horror show I was imagining!


The strawberry plants are looking ok. No real difference from when I planted them a few weeks back.


We have our first onion shoots! I spotted quite a few shoots tentatively making their way above ground – assuming they’re all onions but, as we know, they could just as easily be alliums! Hoping to see lots more the next time I’m down there.

The real news, though is Rhubi. Look at her! I cut her right back and within 3 weeks she’s started growing again. If only all plants were this easy to grow!


One of the reasons I didn’t make it to the allotment this week was our trip to London. Two of our friends bought Louis, for his birthday tickets to the London Aquarium. We visited on Wednesday and had a great day.


I had totally forgotten about the glass floor you have to walk over as you enter the aquarium. I have a real issue with glass floors. They seriously freak me out. There’s a restaurant in High Wycombe with a small area of glass floor and every time I ate there I had to walk the long way round the restaurant to avoid it. When I visited the London aquarium a few years back with the school I reached the glass walkway and froze. One of the other staff members had to come back and rescue me by holding my hand as I walked across with my eyes shut! I was very proud of myself this time because I walked across on my own and only shut my eyes for part of it! We had a great day and saw loads of interesting animals including turtles, sharks, penguins and jelly fish. The jellyfish were my favourite, I think Louis liked the penguins.

After the aquarium we went on a Thames river cruise. I have lived near London all my life and I have never been on a boat trip on the Thames until this week. We both really enjoyed it. Chloe, the tour guide was very funny and it was interesting to see London from a different perspective.

I’m told this coming week is going to be very similar to last week, weather wise – cold and wet. Rain makes it difficult for me to work on the plot mainly because digging in the extension is hard work in the rain but I think I am just going to have to bite the bullet and go down to the plot whatever the weather. The plan for this week is to take some of the bags of rubbish to the tip, carry on digging the extension and drill some holes in the tree tubs before they die from being water logged (I should have done this ages ago)

As ever, here’s what the plot looked like when I left it after the quick visit the other day.  I’m really hoping I can show you some progress next week.



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