Week 46 – Donkeys and Decluttering

Well, that’s christmas over for another year. I hope you all had a fun one, however you celebrate (or don’t celebrate) We enjoyed the holiday and had fun with friends and family. Louis was very spoilt and received loads of presents – lots of Match Attax cards and Marvel stuff. I was very happy to receive a selection of gin and some lovely gardening presents.


We spent christmas  day and boxing day at my mum’s with Louis, my sister and her partner, my brother, my mum and her friend, Eileen. After lunch, I insist we do something other than just sit in front of the telly – so we play silly games and quizzes. This year the silly game involved wearing donkey ears! It was a game Louis received for his birthday given on the basis it can easily be turned into a drinking game.  I promise you Louis was enjoying himself despite his face!


The day after boxing day we drove to Leicester to meet my sister and her family for lunch and to exchange christmas presents. My sister and her family live in Leeds – Leicester is halfway between Leeds and Watford. We had a lovely Italian meal (so nice not to have another xmas dinner) and my sister gave me this bag which she’d had made just for me! My favourite christmas present this year.


So, after all the presents, the inevitable decluttering has started. So far I’ve tackled my bedroom and this is how much I’ve cleared already.


Lots more to do but I have the next week to myself as Louis is at his dad’s (lucky so and so gets a second christmas!) so the plan is to tackle the rest of the flat while I can work on my own.

I’ve also done a bit of decluttering on the allotment. I made a trip to the tip today with 7 rubble sacks of rubbish. My hope to have all the rubbish bags gone by christmas was wildly optimistic! I had clearly totally underestimated the amount of bags I had left on the plot and how heavy they were. I had visions of me skipping up the path with 3 or 4 rubble sacks slung over my shoulder and clearing them all in one session – the reality was quite different. There was no skipping! I could only carry 2 bags at a time because they were much heavier than I thought they would be and it was raining (of course it was!) In the end, I took 7 bags of rubbish to the tip. There are 7 bags left so one more trip and all the rubbish should be gone. YAY! (until I start digging in the extension again)

20181230_102025  20181230_102118

We have a few onions coming through – in the main beds and in the bed next to the shed. I noticed this little hole in the bed next to the shed. It’s quite a small hole, right next to the shed and I have no idea what might have made it but whatever made it doesn’t seem to be doing any damage and it looks like it’s leaving the onions alone so I’m not going to worry about it too much.


The brussel sprouts failed to materialise. I finally got round to digging them up and composting them today. I may try to grow them again next year but maybe I’ll keep them covered for longer next time. I totally forgot to pick any of Michelle’s sprouts so, sadly we didn’t have any allotment grown sprouts at christmas dinner – maybe next year.

Rhubi seems to be making a strong comeback. A couple of people have told me, since I cut her back, I shouldn’t have cut her, I should have broken the stalks off. The stems I cut have turned black and are clearly rotting so, next time I’ll break the stems as recommended. The new stalks look great though!


Pleased to be able to show you the latest photo with a severely reduced amount of rubbish bags. Hopefully, next week’s photo will have no rubbish bags in it at all.


Oh and Happy new year!





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