Week 62 – New Shoots and Old Boots

The second week of the easter holidays for us this week and it’s been another busy one. We’ve had lots of new growth, done a spot of weeding, acquired a new water butt (yes – another one!) visited another ‘Random Cafe’ and tidied the shed (finally)

Our first visit to the plot this week wasn’t until Thursday and it was a completely unplanned, flying visit to help Dan out of a spot. While we were there I had a quick peek at all the mini propogators and I was really pleased to see some new growth in the leeks and spring onions. Since Thursday we’ve also seen new shoots from the pumpkins and peppers but nothing from the squashes yet. Last year I grew most of my plants from bought seedlings so I’m excited to try and grow from seed this year.

Our visit to the other ‘Random Cafe’ was interesting. It’s another waste food cafe, part of the Real Junk Food Project and is actually called ‘Best Before Cafe’. It’s in Letchworth which is such a pretty town and Jane and I were made very welcome. It was great to see another waste food cafe in action. We came away with so many ideas to think about and I came away with this beautiful bouquet of flowers (they collect waste food from M&S!)

Back on the plot I finally tackled the shed. It really needed a good tidy up – I was starting to find it difficult to reach things in there. A few weeks ago my friend gave me what was her towel shelving unit she no longer needed. I wanted to use it as shelving in the shed  but it wouldn’t fit until I cleared some space, so it’s been standing in the corner of my (quite small) bathroom until this week when I finally made some room for it. I pulled everything out of the shed and only put back what I wanted to keep – the rest went to the tip. We now have room to move in there again without falling over old boots and hosepipes.

We’ve had a beautifully sunny easter weekend and we spent some of it on the plot. On Sunday we collected a water butt from a lady selling one via facebook and took it straight to the allotment. I then spent the next couple of hours pottering, eating an ice lolly and sunbathing. Strangely there’s very little to do at the moment as there’s nothing actually in the ground yet. I watered the onions and the flowers and gave Rhubi an extra drink, pulled up some bindweed and put the new waterbutt in place.

Louis ventured out of the shed for a few minutes to dig up some weeds from his bed but, don’t worry he was back in the shed staring at a screen pretty sharpish!

I took all the seedlings out of the shed, took the lids off them and put them outside in the sunshine while we were on the plot. I have no idea if this is what I should be doing with them but it feels right so that’s what I’m doing until told otherwise (plants need sunshine, right?)

One of Louis’s alliums is really close to flowering. We still only have about 4 alliums in the onion bed. There are other flowers popping up but I’m not sure what they are yet. Talking to my mum today I found out gladioli will keep coming back year after year. I didn’t know this but I’m very happy about it and it explains the flowers that are popping up where the gladioli were planted last year.


Rhubi is still looking enormous! I’m not sure if I’m supposed to remove the 2 tall stalks that had the potential flowers on them or just leave them. My instinct is to remove them and, to be fair she’s survived everything I’ve done to her so far so even if I’m wrong she’s pretty robust and I’m sure she’ll survive.


We have a bank holiday at the start of next week and then Louis is back to college. The beautiful weather we’re currently enjoying is not set to continue but if the forecast is right it looks like it’s going to be good gardening weather, just not as hot and sunny as it has been. Next week I need to look at positioning the water butts more permanently and maybe getting the potatoes in the ground. Here’s how I left the plot this week. It’s all looking pretty dry and empty!

2 thoughts on “Week 62 – New Shoots and Old Boots

  1. My squash are slow to appear to. Cucumbers are shooting up and peas are doing well but no spinach or squash.


  2. Oh my! What got into Rhubi?! My rhubarb grows for many years before bolting. Rhubi was just a baby not too long ago. Since you are not expecting to get any rhubarb this year, I think I would (if mine were bolting like that) just cut off the flower stem on top, but just leave the cane to feed the rest of the plant. As it dies back eventually, more pups should develop, which will be the rhubarb of next year.


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