Week 64 – Naked Gardening

Not loads to tell you about this week – not much happening on the plot. The seedlings are still doing well. There are now 6 pumpkin seedlings, 9 sweet peppers  (still on the window sill at home) and 9 squash ones. The leeks and spring onions are all looking a bit spindly – I really must re-pot them this week. Infact, my job for next week is to re-pot all the seedlings. I still feel like I’m very much experimenting and learning this gardening lark but I’m starting to understand there are certain rules I have to follow – and potting on seedlings feels like one of those rules.


I recently started following a wonderful lady on YouTube. Her channel is called ‘Claire’s Allotment’ and she posts loads of really helpful videos of what she does on her allotment. I followed her instructions on how to plant potatoes and this week I’ve watched her re-potting leeks so I have a fairly good idea what to do but, as is often the case with me I’m nervous about actually doing it in case I do it wrong. If I’m honest, I’m a bit annoyed with myself I still feel like this after a year of gardening because, apart from a few silly mistakes I’ve done pretty well. And, of course even if I make mistakes I know the worst that will happen is, perhaps a plant won’t grow – there’s almost nothing I can do that couldn’t be fixed or binned and started again. So, next week, I’m going to put on my big girl pants and just get on with re-potting all the seedlings – what’s the worst that could happen?!

Rhubi’s doing ok. I did a bit of weeding around her and, unfortunately dug up an ant’s nest so had to put some ant powder down. I didn’t harvest any rhubarb this week – maybe next week.


I spent some time this week planting up my window boxes. I have 2 window boxes on my balcony at home and, over the years I’ve tried growing various things including strawberries (modest success) and raspberries (Haha!) but mainly flowers which I love because of all the beautiful colours. While I was at Water Perry Gardens last week, as well as picking up the brilliant tomato plant I also bought a few plants for the window boxes. Please don’t ask me what they are because I don’t know – I just chose them for their colours (and I even remembered to ask a member of staff if they were suitable for window boxes – go me!) As I’m in a flat one of the difficulties with window boxes is I don’t have any outdoor space to plant them up in which usually means I end up with plants and compost all  over the kitchen floor. Not this time! I took it all down to the allotment and brought back 2 window boxes full of flowers ready to pop into place on the balcony with no mess in the flat. Happy with that. Now I just need to remember to water them!

Yesterday – the first Saturday in May – was World Naked Gardening Day! Let me be clear, despite the title of this week’s blog I definitely do not participate, although, looking at my Instagram feed there are plenty of people who do. The closest we came to naked gardening was earlier in the week when my 2 helpers took their shirts off (it was really warm and they had both been working hard)

This is the hole they were working very hard digging! I have absolutely no idea what they think the hole is for but they are enjoying digging it so, until I need the bed for, I’m thinking leeks, I’m going to leave them to it.


I tried out a home made weed killer this week. I’m totally fed up with all the weeds around the edges of the plot but I just can’t bring myself to use the commercial weed killers so, after my friend said her own home made stuff had worked I thought I’d give it a go. Just 3 ingredients – white vinegar, salt and a small squirt of washing up liquid. I’ve sprayed it along one fence on the plot just to see how well it works. After the first spray it certainly seemed to affect the stinging nettles and looked like it might work on the bind weed. So I sprayed the same area again and I’ll check again over the next few days to see if it’s worked.

Having planted all the potatoes last week I checked the raspberry cane this week (nothing much happening) and noticed about 5 leafy plants growing round the edge of the pot. I did a bit of digging and found potatoes! I’d obviously missed them when I harvested them last year. I felt a bit bad about digging them up but, in my defence it’s not like we’re going to be short of potatoes this year!


Here’s how I left the plot this week – no change really but I’m imagining all those lovely potatoes growing underground!




One thought on “Week 64 – Naked Gardening

  1. My rhubarb is officially dead. I have not seen it in quite a while, and now that it is well into spring, it is not coming up. I hope another pup from it survives at another garden parcel, where I hope it naturalized. It is in a cooler spot that stays damp late. I am totally bummed about it, but at least there is enough of it around in other gardens to get more pups if necessary. I have been growing the same rhubarb since before I was in kindergarten. My great grandfather gave it to me. Rhubi rox too.


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