Week 74

The blog is late (again) this week due to a weekend away celebrating our friend’s 50th birthday. We stayed in a gorgeous house big enough to sleep all 33 of us on the beach front in Hove, near Brighton.

We had a great weekend shopping and wandering round Hove, relaxing in the sunshine and partying into the early hours. Louis even had a dip in the hot tub!


There’s not much to report from the allotment this week as I haven’t spent much time on the plot – only a few fleeting visits so what follows is basically a report on each plant I’m growing – no funny stories, no angry rants, no accidents – feel free to just look at the photos.

There’s a flower on the cucamelon! Finally! The plant is slowly but surely making its way up the support – the growth is, actually quite noticeable each time I visit the plot.

The cucumbers are still doing well next to the cucamelons. They don’t seem to be growing up the support as much as I thought they would but they’re growing, which is the main thing.

A friend of mine is clearing his mum’s house and asked if anyone wanted some decorating ladders. I wasn’t quick enough to get the larger of the 2 wooden ones he had but I did claim the smaller one. I collected it this week and it’s now in the shed waiting to be planted in the pumpkin bed.


Rhubi is, as ever unstoppable. I probably need to harvest some stalks if only to thin her out a bit because she’s flippin enormous!


The tomato plant, despite my lack of attention seems to be surviving and, possibly even thriving. Only 4 potential tomatoes so far – maybe enough for a small salad? I still don’t like the smell of tomato plants but I like tomatoes enough to put up with it.

The pumpkins and squashes are flowering. They don’t seem to be growing anywhere near as quickly as last year but I’ve heard several gardeners say this year’s plants are all a bit slower than last year’s so I’m holding out for them to fruit soon.

Dan’s suggested I need to dead head the dahlias. I think I know what this means but I may have to look it up to make sure I do it properly (if I do it wrong I’ll be in for a ribbing!) Dan tells me the dahlias could flower well into Autumn if I dead head them so it’s something I really should learn how to do.


I am really happy with the spinach. It’s looking great. I’m so pleased I chose to grow it. I’m not sure how I’ll know when it’s ready to harvest so more reading is needed.

The single, solitary pepper looks amazing! Lots of flowers and potential peppers on the other plants too which is really exciting.

I’m a bit disappointed with the strawberries. Honestly, I was expecting punnet fulls of juicy berries (possibly weekly!) but I’m not sure I’ve harvested enough to decorate a modest pavlova. Maybe next year.


The potatoes have been quietly doing their thing. Most of them have flowered and a couple of the plants seem to have died which isn’t as worrying as it initially sounds. I’m reliably informed it means the potatoes are ready to be harvested which I’ll start to do next week.


This is how I left the plot this week. Plans for the coming week include harvesting the potatoes, putting the ladder in the pumpkin bed and possibly having some freakish accident so I have something interesting to write about next week (keep your fingers crossed for me!)

One thought on “Week 74

  1. Rhubi looks as awesome as usually, perhaps more so. She has grown quite a bit. After growing only my same rhubarb since I was just a little kid, I found another variety at work! It came up in a spots where I had worked earlier; but I had never seen it before. When I commented on it, I was told that someone who has since retired planted it there years ago. I now want to get a pup from it! It is probably one of those modern cultivars that I never thought I would grow. The petioles are plain green.


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