Week 78 – Happy Birthday!

I have been very lapse this week and only been down to the plot twice. In my defence we’ve had a lot of rain over the past few days and where I would normally try to make it down there at the weekend we’ve been away celebrating helper number 2’s 18th birthday!

His mum had organised a surprise stay in a hotel with dinner on Friday night and breakfast and afternoon tea on Saturday. We all had a great time and helper number 2 was genuinely surprised to see us all standing in the hotel restaurant, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him when he arrived on Friday night. He even bought me a drink on his birthday – I’ve been telling him for years, as soon as he hits 18 he needs to buy me a Jack Daniels! The bar didn’t have any Jack Daniels (shocking, I know!) so he bought me a gin instead. Happy 18th Helper number 2!

I harvested more rhubarb this week.

I wasn’t at the cafe this week due to the above birthday celebrations so I didn’t make any cakes with it but I did make…rhubarb gin! Depending on which recipe I go by it either has to be left for about 4 days or 4 weeks. My feeling is to leave it for 4 weeks. It’s already started to turn a gorgeous pink colour.

After helper no 2 weeded my sweet peas on the plot, it turns out I have them in my window box at home. These were the flowers I bought on my way home from Oxford. I had no idea there were sweet peas in there. They’re so pretty.

The peppers are doing marvellously well. We’re going to get loads of peppers this year.

Louis picked a cucumber this week. We’ve eaten a few so far and they taste great. Still loads left on the plant.

We’re starting to see the squashes growing. All the sunshine and rain seems to be doing the trick.

The cucamelons are just brilliant. I noticed they were starting to grow past the structure I’d made and I felt they needed a bit more height so I searched through the pile of rubbish (I  always seem to have a pile of rubbish kicking about don’t I?!) and found a piece of stiff wire. I’ve attached it to the top of the wooden structure to add a bit of height. I also made use of a piece of metal I found and stuck it in the ground next to the plant. It’s hard to see in the photos, but the plant has already started to twirl itself around both of these. I’m hoping this will give the plant more room to produce more fruit.

I spent some time this week straightening the edges of the main path – I know I’ve been talking about doing this for weeks. I also know it doesn’t look that straight but I’m pleased with how it turned out. Now I just need the grass to grow.

As  mentioned earlier, we’ve had a fair amount of rain this week and a lot of it has been really heavy over a short space of time followed by gorgeous sunshine. This means rainbows!


Only a short update this week – I should be packing as we’re going away for a few days. This is how I left the plot this week. We’re going to struggle to make it down there much over the following week – hope it’s going to be ok without me!

One thought on “Week 78 – Happy Birthday!

  1. Hey, that’s fancy for eighteen! My eleventeenth wasn’t that elaborate!
    My rhubarb was not that productive either, and it has been established or a while!


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