Week 89

Not many opportunities to make it the plot this week due to all the rain but I managed a couple of visits.

Louis had an unexpected day off college on Tuesday so we spent the day in Beaconsfield with helper number 2, his mum and baby brother and sister. We visited the model village which Louis and I hadn’t been to since he was about 3 years old. It was actually much better than I remembered. We were really lucky with the weather – one of those gorgeous, cold but sunny Autumnal days.

I made a flying visit on Thursday with a huge bag of kitchen scraps for the compost. I picked them up from a lady who had messaged me through a website called ‘ShareWaste’. It works very much like Freecycle – you register on the site either as someone who is willing to collect waste or someone who can donate it. Then you use the site to find people in your area. Anyway, I collected a huge bag of kitchen scraps which are now happily rotting away in my compost bin not a landfill.

I met Michelle on the plot this morning. Gino was there aswell and, as ever when I talk to Gino I learn something new. This morning I got a lesson about dahlias. He told me they will keep coming back every year, all I have to do is cut them back to about 6″ and they’ll re-grow and flower again next year. This is great news because I love my dahlias. To be honest, I hadn’t even thought about whether they would flower again so it’s nice to find out they could be with me for years.


Talking of flowers – the chrysanthemum is in full bloom! At last! It looks amazing. To think it started off as a tiny, non descript plant in a pot and has grown into this I still find almost unbelievable. I still need to think about moving it to make way for the water butts but it’s going to have to wait until it’s stopped flowering.

J. from Random Cafe gave me this bag of Alliums this week. I think I have to let Louis plant them again don’t I?


The grass on the paths has grown really well. Still a few bald patches but generally the seeds have taken well. Gino commented, this morning the grass was looking a bit long. I don’t have a lawn mower so I took a pair of shears to it (I know, totally ridiculous, right!) I’m not sure it’s made much difference but at least I know it’s been cut!

When I arrived at the allotment this morning and checked the shed this is what I found

Something’s had a nibble on the sunflower head I left in the shed last week. I forgot to take a photo before I tidied up but there were sunflower seeds all over the shed floor. We think the mice (?) may have been in the bag of straw aswell so I moved it so it’s hanging from the ceiling. I fully expect the mice to still be able to reach it but at least I’m giving them some sort of problem solving activity! The sunflower head has gone into the compost bin and I have a nice tidy shed again.

The other thing I put in the compost today was my bamboo toothbrush. We switched to bamboo toothbrushes about a year ago in an effort to reduce our plastic waste.  When it comes to disposal, you just cut the bristles off and chuck the bamboo handle into the compost. I’m not sure how long it takes to rot down but it feels good to not be adding more plastic to landfill.


Here’s how I left the plot this week. Half term for us next week. Not really sure what our plans for the week are but it will, hopefully involve at least a couple of trips to the plot. Admittedly there’s not much to do on the plot at the moment but I’m sure I’ll find something for us to do.




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