London, Leeks and Ladders

Louis’ been off college this week and I was hoping to spend some time on the allotment with him but, as it turned out we didn’t manage even one visit. I spent about an hour there this morning while Louis was still in bed (flippin teenagers!)


My sister and nephew visited from Leeds at the beginning of the week and we spent a day in London. I grew up in a London borough and even though I still live just a 20 minute train ride away from central London I don’t go in very often but when I do I’m always reminded how much I love it.

After looking round some very weird and hugely expensive clothes shops my nephew insisted we visit we walked to Covent Garden. There is always something going on in Covent Garden – that day there was a sword swallower and a guy with a dancing skeleton puppet.


We also saw this amazing display of pumpkins. I have never seen such an enormous pumpkin. I have just done an online search (honestly? I wasn’t sure the pumpkin was real because it was so big) and it turns out the giant pumpkin was grown in Hampshire by 2 men who have been growing pumpkins since they were 11 years old. The display is inspired by Cinderella, it took 20 people to manoeuvre the pumpkin in to place and it weighs a tonne. It was on display until today and its seeds are going back to Hampshire to, hopefully produce more huge pumpkins. Unfortunately, it doesn’t say anything about what they’ll do with the flesh – imagine how much soup you can make with a tonne of pumpkin!

On the way home from London we popped in to a charity shop near my mum’s house. My sister and I love a rummage in a charity shop for a bargain and I did quite well in this one thanks to my sister’s eagle eyes. She spotted both this allotment cookery book and a pair of boots which happened to be my size. I’ve only had a quick flick through the cookery book but it looks pretty good. I wore the boots to the plot this morning and they’re perfect. Being snow boots they’re going to keep my feet nice and toasty over the winter months. Michelle pointed out they look far too clean but I don’t think it will take too long before they’re filthy.

It was Halloween this week and although we no longer do the trick or treat thing anymore Louis did enjoy trying on the killer gorilla mask in Morrisons on Wednesday.


We’ve had a couple of frosts this week so Michelle advised me it was time to cut back the dahlias. It felt quite brutal!

My other (plot) half made an appearance this morning. I very rarely see him in person, I just know he’s been there by the obvious changes on his plot (and the scary birds he leaves in the shed!) so it was nice to catch up. He picked some cauliflower and broccoli and gave it to Michelle and me. So dinner this evening was cauliflower cheese made with allotment cauliflower. It’s the first time I’ve ever made it so I’m well chuffed with myself. Just need to decide what to do with the broccoli.

I decided to harvest a couple of leeks and a spring onion. The spring onion’s nearly as big as the leeks. I’m not sure if this means my leeks are pitifully small or I’ve grown enormous spring onions?!


The only other job I did on the plot today was move the ladders into the shed and take down the cucumber/cucamelon structure. I really want to be able to use the ladders again next year as I felt they really helped to contain the pumpkin and squash plants and stopped them invading the rest of the plot but I’m worried they’ll be damaged if I leave them out over winter. So, they’re safely tucked away in the shed ready for next spring.

The chrysathemum still looks amazing – huge, but amazing. I’ve decided once it’s finished flowering I’m going to move it to the far corner of what was the pumpkin patch. There really is nowhere else I can think to put it where it won’t be in the way.


Here’s how I left the plot today. It all looks really empty with the ladders gone and there’s not really very much to do down there for the next few months so I may not be writing the blog quite as regularly as I have been up to now. I will, maybe update every few weeks depending on what’s happening.

6 thoughts on “London, Leeks and Ladders

  1. I’m sure I’ll still find things to write about but really it’s about taking the pressue off me to produce a blog post each week. Not sure about adding another rhubarb plant (is that what you meant?)


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