Seeds and Star Wars (Star Trek?)

Just one visit to the plot this week – a very pleasant hour this afternoon in the sunshine. I had a box full of kitchen scraps to go in the compost and it was my turn to put the shared bins out for collection in the morning so I headed down at about lunchtime today. It was an unexpectedly sunny day but quite cold. We’ve had the first proper frosts this week (I’ve had to scrape the car a couple of times before heading off to take Louis to college) and quite a bit of rain so the ground was pretty soggy (my new boots aren’t looking quite so new)


After I’d put the bins out and chucked the kitchen scraps into the compost I had a quick wander round and quickly realised there’s not much to do so I decided to have a look through the seeds I have in the shed with an eye on thinking about what I might grow next year.


So, it turns out I have quite a few packets of seeds! I have onion, leek, cauliflower, onion,  chard, onion, pepper, pumpkin, onion, carrot, brussel sprout and onion seeds.  Oh – and did I mention I have onion seeds?!  I have no idea what posessed me to buy so many onion seeds but I reckon I could fill my whole plot and overspill in to my neighbour’s plot if I plant them all. Anyway, I organised the seeds into sowing order – most of them can’t be sown outside until January, but that will come round quick enough. There was also a packet of green manure seeds in there but some of you will remember the nightmare that was the green manure bed from last year so they are staying firmly in the shed!

I came across a box of garlic while I was in the shed. I haven’t tried growing garlic yet and I like the idea of producing my own as I use it a fair bit in my cooking and it would be great to use fresh cloves I’ve grown myself. I also remembered the jar of dwarf pumpkin seeds Michelle gave me which I’m looking forward to growing next year alongside the more standard pumpkin varieties.


I also found this box of funky veg. J. gave me it last year and I didn’t get round to using it. I thought it was just purple carrots in the box but when I looked there were 5 packets of seeds in there for things like yellow courgettes, striped tomatoes, red brussel sprouts and multi coloured chard ( no onions! YAY!) A couple of years ago, the cafe had a donation of purple potatoes (they were a novelty for Halloween) I took a bag but when it came to it I just couldn’t bring myself to eat purple potatoes, it just went against every instinct I have. (I suspect lots of people felt the same hence the amount donated to the cafe!) I’m hoping the fact I’ll have grown these myself will change how I feel about strange coloured vegetables but we’ll see.


While I was there I spotted lots of activity on the chrysanthemum. 2 butterflies and loads of bees. Not sure what type of butterflies they were but they were beautiful and so lovely to see on the flowers.

Yesterday, Random Cafe catered a local Sci Fi Palooza. No, I didn’t really know what a Palooza was either – turns out it’s a gathering of scifi fans, some of whom come dressed as their favourote scifi character. At one point I found myself serving a cup of tea to a guy in a full Star Trek uniform (I’m actually impressed I was able to identify the costume!) I’m not sure if that means I’ve peaked or hit absolute rock bottom in my life but it was certainly a new experience for me! I’m not a sci fi fan atall (did you guess?) Despite this I found I had Star Wars cookie cutters and some Dalek cake decorations in the cupboard which I used to make these.

I came across this on the plot today. How sad is that? All that’s left of the cucamelons!


No change on the plot this week and no real plans for the coming week apart from popping down to bring the bins back in.



One thought on “Seeds and Star Wars (Star Trek?)

  1. Do you think that most of the seed will be viable after a year? I know that seed from some of what I grow are viable for only a year or so. Seed from Acacia dealbata and broom and other weeds that I don’t want to grow are viable for many years! The few vegetables that I grew from old seed did just fine. I sow a few together and pluck the subordinating seedlings later. I never kept track of how many of any particular varieties did not germinate.


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