Happy Holidays!

Not much happening on the plot at the moment. I’ve continued to pop down to put my kitchen scraps in the compost bins and to check everything’s ok but, apart from that there’s really not much going on.

Michelle and I met on the plot last week and she helped me move the chrysanthemum and strawberry/raspberry plant to make way for the water butts. It was a pretty easy job but it was nice to have help. I’d already cut it back a few weeks ago so it was small enough to not be too awkward to pick up. Michelle helped dig the hole for it in the far corner of the extension and we judged it almost perfectly as it dropped in with very little messing around. Hopefully, it will have enough room where it is now.

I also had to move the strawberry/raspberry plant from the same bed. Having tasted the fruits in the summer and being somewhat disappointed they weren’t more strawberry/raspberry hybrid (they’re just strawberries!) I decided the best thing to do with the plant was to plant it in the strawberry bed. I was going to put it on the edge but there was a convenient sized gap right in the middle so it’s gone in there. Here’s a photo of the strawberry bed with the strawberry/raspberry plant in it but, honestly there’s no way I can point it out to you as it looks exactly the same as all the other strawberry plants. The strawberries have done fantastically well this year. I planted a handful of plants just over a year ago and look at them! They’ve spread over nearly the whole bed. Hoping for lots more strawberries next year.


And here’s the empty bed ready for the water butts to be put into place. It doesn’t look like it will fit many, does it? But Michelle’s measured it for me and she assures me it’s wide enough for at least 3, maybe 4.


It’s nearly christmas and I’m almost ready. Unusually for me, I haven’t made any gifts this year, they’ve all been shop bought. The closest I’ve come was the present for my friend’s daughter. I found this doll’s high chair in a charity shop:


and painted it so it ended up looking like this:


I’m rather pleased with how it turned out and the little girl I gave it to seemed to like it too, which is the main thing.

I popped to the plot today to take the kitchen scraps for the compost. We’ve had such a lot of rain lately the site was waterlogged in places – not the best way to find out I have a hole in one of my wellies! Luckily it’s the old pair and not the new snow boots. A bit late to ask for a new pair from santa but maybe I’ll be able to find a pair in the January sales!

Rhubi is looking a bit sorry for herself. I cut her right back a couple of weeks ago, as per my gardening books but I’m worried she looks a bit…well, dead. I’ve had a look at the blog post from this time last year and I was worried about Rhubi back then too so it’s clearly the time of year when she looks at her worst!


Here’s how I left the plot this week.

Happy Christmas!



One thought on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Strawberry AND raspberry? They can not hybridize. It looks like it could be a hybrid of blackberry and raspberry. Some types are shrubby like that. If it needs to be pruned like the raspberries and blackberries, two year old canes that have already fruited should be pruned out to promote one year old canes that will bloom and fruit this year, as well as new canes that will fruit the following year.


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