#stayhome #staysafe

I can’t quite believe how much has changed since my last blog post. This global pandemic has had an impact on all our lives in so many ways it’s almost unbelievable. It’s certainly surreal. I’m going to continue to publish these blog posts, partly to keep things as normal as possible for me but also as a way of documenting how this pandemic has affected our lives. I may publish more often than I normally do, I may publish less often, I don’t know yet because I, like all of us can only take this one day at a time.

As per government guidelines I am still able to visit the allotment every day if I wish. However, I genuinely believe just because you can do something does not mean you should, so we have only been on the plot twice since the lockdown. The last day we were there was a beautifully sunny day. Michelle was there as well. Michelle and I usually go for a cuppa after working on our plot but we, obviously can’t do that at the moment so, instead, we had a socially distant cuppa at the allotment table. I even took some homemade cookies. It was so lovely to sit in the sunshine and forget the world for a little bit.

And if you’re wondering why I was drinking from a broken mug – I dropped it on the way to the allotment but it was the only one I had so it was that or nothing!

The wedding in Devon (which feels like such a long time ago!) was beautiful. The hotel was lovely with the most amazing views. We had booked to stay from Monday through to Friday but we ended up heading home on Thursday as by then all the shops were starting to become low on stock and lots had closed.

Also, it was raining!


I’ve planted lots of seeds at home. My windowsills are now almost completely covered in seedlings – who needs ornaments? So far I’ve planted aubergines, miniature sunflowers (if you’ve never seen these just wait, they’re super cute) peppers (of course) pumpkins, cauliflowers and cucumbers. I love watching them grow and check them each morning to see if any more have appeared.

The cucumbers have only just made an appearance today – well, I say cucumbers, I mean one single, solitary cucumber. I loved growing the cucumbers last year and we eat a lot of cucumbers in my house so I hope some more start to appear soon.


The aubergines took a while to get going but seem to be making up for their slow start.  We’ve gone from 2 last Thursday to 11 today, nearly a week later.

Peppers are another favourite for us. Like the aubergines, they seem to be making a slow start. One seedling popped through the soil about a week ago and another one appeared this morning. Look closely – you can just see it.

It’s safe to say the miniature sunflowers are doing the best so far. I planted these before we went to Devon. They’re growing so quickly.

21st March was World Down’s Syndrome Day. I normally hold a coffee morning at my house but this year, as it fell on a Saturday we were going to hold it at Random Cafe. Obviously this couldn’t go ahead but it didn’t stop Louis and I rocking our socks!


This is now the 2nd week of lockdown and so far we have watched a live shark and turtle feeding from Plymouth Aquarium, joined in with a singalong with Electric Umbrella (look them up – they’re amazing!) done a bit of homework (not much!) Louis has had a visit from a shark and a panda, we’ve had personal trainer and exercise classes via video link, I joined in a virtual pub quiz, we had a virtual pub session and I’ve done lots of cooking!

Here’s what the plot looked like when we left it at the weekend.

Our walk to the allotment takes us past our local pub so I’d like to leave you with this photo of the front of the pub. Stay safe x




3 thoughts on “#stayhome #staysafe

  1. Cooking, bird watching, growing veg! How things have changed since I first knew you! It sounds like you keeping yourselves well entertained. xx


  2. It is amazing how much so many of us are getting done while we are not working. It is discouraging though, to see how many people are roaming about downtown as if there is no problem in doing so. Everyone here is working around their own homes and staying out of everyone else’s way.


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