Protect the Pumpkin!

8 weeks in lockdown, or is it 7? It could be 27 to be honest as I’ve lost all sense of time! I have woken up more than once and really had to think about what day it is.

I haven’t made very much progress on the plot since the last time I wrote (honestly, I’ve been properly lazy!) but we have been down there a few times and enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine.


So, my new toy was a strimmer that J. from the cafe gave me. I have not, as planned used it to tidy the edges of the beds yet (told you I’ve been lazy!) but I did have a little go with it just to see what it could do and I’m sure, when I have the energy it’s going to make tidying the edges of the beds much easier.


On one of my visits to the plot, everyone was in a bit of a panic because we were due a frost – I was totally oblivious because, although I should keep an eye on the weather, I don’t. My idea of keeping an eye on the weather is to look out the window! All the other plot holders were busy covering all their plants with everything from plastic bags to plastic boxes. This is when my utter laziness came into its own – I’d only planted one thing (the pumpkin) so I only had one plant to try and protect! I found some plastic packaging in the shed (don’t ask me why I had plastic packaging in the shed!) and some tent pegs and set about making some kind of makeshift protection for the pumpkin. This is what I came up with.


I’d like to be able to tell you it did the job, but I’m not entirely sure it did because this is what the pumpkin looked like after the frost.


Michelle assures me it’s not dead but, as much as I trust Michelle I have to say, I’m not entirely convinced and I’m reserving judgement for the time being. I hope it’s still alive as it’s the only pumpkin I managed to grow this year.

The strawberry patch is looking great. It’s covered in flowers which should all turn into strawberries. There are also strawberries growing already which is brilliant news. I’ve spent a bit of time weeding the strawberry patch this week as it had a lot of weeds and grass in it.

I am a huge fan of Orla Kiely so I was super excited to receive these this week. A lovely present from my friend, J. who understands my Orla Kiely obsession and wanted to cheer me up. I’ve even used one pair and got them dirty!

As mentioned before, due to my complete lack of motivation I still haven’t planted anything or even made a plan of where I’m going to plant yet so all the seedlings are still in pots either at home or in the mini greenhouse on the plot. The peppers are doing well and there are still new ones popping through. The tallest one is now around 12″ tall and I am really going to have to think about re-potting them all.


The cucumber is doing even better and not only is it well over 12″ tall but it also has flowers.


The greenhouse is filling up with cucumbers, cauliflowers and aubergines, and yesterday one of the other plot holders gave me a runner bean plant that she didn’t want so that’s in the greenhouse now as well.

I’ve planted the sweetpeas. Yesterday morning I felt like I should be on the plot doing something but I just couldn’t get motivated to get myself down there. I messaged Michelle and she suggested I pop down for a cup of tea with her. This was genius on her part because it got me down there and I ended up doing a bit of weeding and planting the sweetpeas. They were getting far too tall for the windowsill so they really did need to go out. I put them at the base of the trellis and I’m hoping this year they’ll stay there!

The chrysanthemum has made a great comeback after being moved. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to get rid of all the dead branches or just leave them.


Rhubi, as ever is doing very well. I haven’t harvested anything from her recently but I think I may be able to pretty soon.

Here’s how I left the plot yesterday. Unfortunately, I had to leave in a bit of a hurry and I forgot to close the greenhouse and I didn’t water anything so I am just about to take a walk down there with Louis to put that right. I must make a plan of where I want to plant things this week and making sure the beds are ready for all the planting is a must this week aswell.



3 thoughts on “Protect the Pumpkin!

  1. You might want to bury the pumpkin vine with just the tip sticking out. You do not even need to dig it up. You just dig some soil out from under where the vine is and next to the base, bend the vine gently down into the hole, and bury it.


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