In contrast to last week, this week I’ve not been quite so lazy and the plan is starting to come together.

So, I feel I should start with the peppers, or as you’ll soon discover ‘peppers’. Those of you who read last week’s blog will remember the really tall pepper. It was so much taller than all the other peppers and I was super impressed with it. Well, turns out it’s a sunflower! I noticed a flower starting to form at the top of the stalk. So, I don’t, as I thought have a world record breaking pepper, I just have a fairly large dwarf sunflower. Never mind. I’ll get the hang of this gardening lark eventually!

I took Louis to the plot during the week. We went in the evening when it had cooled down a bit. The paths were starting to look a bit overgrown again so I dragged the lawnmower out from its hiding place. Louis was immediately interested so I showed him how to use it and he was away! He mowed all the paths and did a pretty decent job. I then showed him how to use the strimmer which he absolutely loved and spent the rest of the visit strimming anything and everything. Who knew the way to encourage him to come to the plot with me was to give him access to power tools!

The pumpkin, despite my gloomy forecast seems to be doing ok. I was pretty sure it was dead after taking a hammering from the recent frost but it looks like it has the beginnings of some flowers and we all know what flowers mean don’t we? Prizes! No…Pumpkins!

As well as visiting in the cooler evenings I also spent a few hours working on the plot yesterday morning. I felt it was time to move some of the plants from the green house to the ground. I had even made a plan – which I am unable to show you as it was in the back pocket of my gardening shorts when I popped them into the washing machine last night. I stuck to the plan and planted peppers, aubergine, cauliflower and sunflowers. Obvioulsy, I no longer know what the plan was so I will just have to make the rest up!

Last year I planted the peppers in the pots but this year I’ve put them in the ground. They’ve taken the bed where the cucumbers and cucamelons were last year. I’ll have to think of something else for the pots.

I had to look up some information about planting the cauliflower as I haven’t grown them before. The internet advised me to dig holes about 2feet apart and fill them with water so the plants are going into nicely watered soil. I think I did it right. It also advised to cover them, which I didn’t do but I will do when I can find something to cover them with so, for the time being they’re on their own!

I decided to follow the same instructions for the aubergines. I figured digging a hole and filling it with water was a pretty good way to plant most things! The aubergines and the cauliflowers have all gone in last year’s potato bed. I’m not growing potatoes this year – I ended up with far too many last year.

After I’d planted all that lot I had to decide where to put the dwarf sunflowers (which weren’t even on the plan!) One of Louis’ alliums from last year has come back, right in the middle of what was the onion bed, so I thought it might be nice to plant them in a line with the allium.

After last week’s blog and my mention of the dead branches on the chrysanthemum J. from Random cafe very helpfully told me I should cut back the dead branches so the plant puts all its energy into the flowers. So I took the secateaurs to it – some of the branches were really thick and tough to get through but it’s looking much nicer now.

As predicted the strawberry patch is already producing lots of fruit. I picked 5 strawberries yesterday but there are loads more that weren’t quite ripe enough to pick and even more that will be ripe in the next week or so.

The greenhouse is looking pretty empty now – only the cucumbers left and a rather sorry looking runner bean given to me by another plot holder. Not entirely sure what I’ve done to it but i’m hoping I may be able to revive it. I didn’t plant the cucumbers yesterday because they need slightly more planning than the other plants. I need to put something together for them to climb up. Last year I used the wooden frame a previous plot holder had kindly left on the plot – this seems the obvious choice to use again. A job for the coming week, because one of the cucumbers won’t be contained in the greenhouse for much longer! I’ve had to remove the top shelf to make room for it.

Here’s how I left the plot yesterday. Quite pleased with the progress thsi week. Feels good to have actually got some plants in the ground. This week will be putting the cucumber structure up and planting the cucumbers as well a lots of watering as we’re currently having very dry, sunny weather – absolutely gorgeous but not much good for keeping my plants watered!

One thought on ““Peppers”

  1. Ah, the aubergines. (We know them as eggplant.) I would like to grow them, but am limited on space and warmth. I knot it is possible. I just do not want to give something of limited productivity space that can be used by something else.

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