Build It And They WON’T Come (hopefully!)

Lots going on at the allotment this week. We’ve had glorious sunshine all week which has made it very easy to spend time down there. Even Louis has joined me a couple of times.

The thing I am most proud of this week is my cauliflower protection (yes, you read that correctly!) After planting the cauliflowers last week I noticed they were being eaten by something (I suspect slugs but can’t be totally sure and while I’m not one to cast aspersions the slugs definitely have form for this type of thing so, yes, I’m blaming the slugs)

The only thing to do was to put up some kind of protective barrier. I already had some poles and netting which I used last year on the brussel sprouts (and look how well they turned out! For those who have forgotten about the brussel sprouts, I’m not surprised – there weren’t any! Despite all the elaborate protection they received, they never appeared) Anyway, putting past failures behind me, I tried to put something together with the bendy poles and the netting to try and stop whatever was eating my cauliflowers (I’m still thinking slugs) This was not as successful as it could have been. By which I mean it was an absolute disaster. I tried, I failed. The cauliflowers would have to fend for themselves until I could work something else out.

The problem was solved by chatting to Michelle. I often find solutions to problems by talking about them with someone else, and this time, Michelle was that someone else. This is what I came up with after our chat. I had to go to the garden centre to buy some bamboo canes and I bought the corner gadgets online. Oh – a quick word about garden centres. Ya know when people sometimes describe high streets on a Saturday night as ‘war zones’? Those people have, clearly never tried to make it out alive from a local garden centre just after lockdown has been eased! It was terrifying, people, don’t do it!

Very pleased with the finished structure but I have to point out I’ve spent around £30 to protect 7 cauliflowers!

The other big news this week is I have finally planted the squashes. I ended up with 4 plants all grown from seed – infact I’ve grown everything from seed this year due to having lots of time at home to look after them. I spent a couple of hours on the plot this morning and put the ladder up for the squashes to grow up. I only put 2 of the plants under the ladder, the other 2 went into the gap between the ladders. I know now how much space squashes take up so knew not to put all 4 plants round the ladder (I’m learning!) The ground was really dry what with all this sunshine so I gave the area a good water before I even thought about putting the plants in.

This has also been a great week for strawberries. Every time I visit I come home with a load. I’m not complaining as we absolutely love strawberries! Our local cake shop re-opened this week – I popped over and bought a chocolate brownie for Louis and a Victoria sponge for me. They were delicious already, the home grown strawberries were just an added bonus.

While I was picking strawberries on one of the visits, I found this!

What did I say earlier about slugs?!

The rest of the plot is doing nicely. For once I’m happy with how it looks. I planted the cucumbers this week. I used the same piece of wood I used last year for them to grow up but this year, due to having so many plants I planted some behind the structure

Even after planting all that lot I still had 3 left so they’ve gone into my mum’s greenhouse.

Totally forgot to take any photos of them after I’d planted them – I’ll take some next week.

The peppers are doing ok, as are the aubergines.

I spotted the first yellow flowers on one of the sunflowers today.

I also have the first flower on the pumpkin.

I decided what to put in the pots that had the peppers in last year – spinach. I checked and it’s fine to grow in pots so I moved the plants from the tray to the pots this morning. There weren’t many as not many of the seeds germinated but I’ve planted some more seeds and put them in the greehouse hoping I’ll have some more to fill the pots.

Overall, very happy with how I left the plot this morning. Lots of plants in the ground, only one bed left to fill – I’ll decide next week what’s going in that. Here’s how I left the plot this week.

4 thoughts on “Build It And They WON’T Come (hopefully!)

  1. The money spent is an investment in the future. You’ll use that framework over and over again, as well as the cloth. Once the cauliflowers are past the stage for slug damage, you may move it to prevent carrot maggot fly, or as a light shade protection for the spinach, which doesn’t like hot weather. Maybe you could move those tubs into a slightly shaded area??? Best of luck. Always like reading about your adventures.

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  2. Thank you Carolee! It’s always good to know (and a bit of a surprise) people are reading it! You’re right about the money being an investment – not only for future plants but also for my mental health. Thanks for the tip about the spinach x


  3. Hi Nici,

    What marvellous progress you’ve made, and I can’t believe the strawberries. )Nor what you did with them after a visit to cake shop, made me drool.)

    It was good to see you, and looking well,,. I hope one day you’ll be able to come over to me, when life is easier. Love, Betty xx

    Liked by 1 person

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