Shed Loads

I have, yet again left it all to the last minute to do any work on the plot this week. Unlike last week I hadn’t visited the allotment even once until this morning. In my defence, every time I’ve thought about a visit this week, it’s rained. This morning, however was bright sunshine so I headed down first thing with a plan to water and tidy and just generally bask in how lovely the plot is looking at the moment.

Jane, one of the other plot holders had other ideas though! Last week, or the week before possibly I noticed some of the felting had come off the shed roof leaving a rather large gap which was letting light through, and, of course if it can let light through it can let water through. Dan put a plea out for any spare roofing felt and Jane left a roll of it near my shed during the week. Yesterday I bought some roofing nails and adhesive which I took with me to the plot this morning. If I’m honest I was just going to leave them in the shed and think about it next week but Jane appeared and offered to help me fix the roof so I took her up on her kind offer. Neither of us knew what we were doing – Jane had seen someone fix a shed roof but that was all we had. Despite that I reckon we did an ok job. Jane painted on the bitumen adhesive and I secured the felting by banging the nails in. It all seemed to go ok apart from one hairy moment when I nearly ended up in a near full water butt when the lid I was resting my foot on (luckily just for balance) slipped!

The roof took us the whole morning and we both ended up with bitumine all up our arms, but it was well worth it. I have just had a message from Jane telling me she thinks we may have put the felting on the roof the wrong way – it should have gone along the length of the roof. I’ve had a quick look online and I think she’s right. I’m not sure either of us can face redoing it so it will just have to stay as it is.

Last week I planted the kale and purple sprouting brocolli given to me by another plot holder. I knew I needed to cover them, so I had a look online and ordered a cloche type thing. This morning I put it together. It was incredibly easy to do (unlike the roof!) and it was up and covering the plants within minutes. Very pleased with myself.

The netting cover over the cauliflowers is still standing. As I had to use two separate pieces to cover the area the overlap in the middle was a bit of a problem – I needed something to keep it closed. At the same time as ordering the cloche I also ordered some pegs to peg the netting together. Again, they seem to have worked remarkably well and I now have an impenetrable fortress around the cauliflowers!

A couple of the spinach plants are doing really well since I moved them into a shadier part of the plot. I also has 2 little seedlings in the greenhouse today which I transplanted into the oustide pots to replace the ones that didn’t make it. Hoping they’ll follow the example of the healthy plants and give me lots of lovely spinach leaves for my morning smoothies.

I really think the pumpkin’s had it. It looks worse every time I see it. I’ll see what it’s like over the next week or so but if it doesn’t perk up I’m going to have to replace it with something else – possibly another, healthier pumpkin plant if I can find one.

The plants I gave my mum are doing brilliantly. She had a couple of aubergine seedlings and some peppers. One of the peppers is just loving her greenhouse and is already looking like I may have to repot it soon and the 2 aubergine plants will definitely need to be moved to bigger pots.

What didn’t do so well were the cucumber plants I gave her. However, I planted some cucumber seeds in the pots she used for tomatoes last year and every single one of them has germinated and there were, what I think are peppers popping up in the cucumber pots which I’ve now moved in with the other peppers. Just shows how much they all like a bit of warmth.

My cucumbers are not doing quite as well as mum’s. The original, larger cucumber seems to be struggling a bit. Like the pumpkin, I’m pretty sure it’s on its last legs but we’ll see.

I haven’t been able to harvest Rhubi for a while because she just didn’t look ready. I noticed today there are lots of new shoots coming through so it looks like I may be able to harvest some stems soon.

Every visit to the plot involves a quick top up of the compost bins with kitchen scraps. Today, however due to the growth of the blackberry bushes they were a bit more difficult to access. I ended up having to almost crawl through to reach the bin I’m currently using. Didn’t think of that when I put the 2nd bin there. Although I can’t complain at all the lovely blackberries I’ll soon be harvesting.

I had this little visitor on the plot today. It jumped into my plant cuttings box and stayed long enough for me to take a photo of it. Incredibly well camouflaged.

Nothing yet from the chard bed. I was optimistically expecting to see some shoots this week but looks like I’ll have to wait a little longer.

Here’s how I left the plot this week. I think it’s looking great (despite the shed roof mistake!)

One thought on “Shed Loads

  1. Rhubi is even more enviable now that my green rhubarb was ruined! I needed to prune back a forsythia, but in the process, exposed all the formerly shaded rhubarb. I did not realize how much the rhubarb had grown until it was exposed. I really should have pruned the forsythia earlier, so that the rhubarb could have matured properly. Anyway, I thought that the rhubarb would be sheltered enough to finish maturing, but it got roasted during warm weather the following day. The upper surfaces of the petioles needed to be sliced off. There was very little left. It got chopped, and is not drying so that I can add it to oatmeal.


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