Face Masks

Big news this week in the UK is masks. As of Friday face coverings are compulsory in shops. I have a few – some I’ve bought and some have been made for me and I’m happy to wear them whenever I’m required to. My sister, who has always been great at sewing made Louis a very cool Avengers mask. I was really worried about convincing Louis to wear a mask but he was very happy to put on the Avengers one  – at one point I even had to tell him to take it off when we came out of the shop.

Not really any big news from the plot this week. We’ve had a lot of rain and a bit of sun which has meant  the pumpkin has nearly reached the top of the ladder which has pleased me no end. No flowers on it yet but the way things have been growing this year I’m happy with anything right now! These 2 photos were taken only a few days apart.

The cucumbers have also had a growth spurt but, unlike the pumpkin they have flowers. The tiny cucumber I spotted last week has grown and is now quite big. It definitely looks like something out of Roald Dahl’s BFG but I know from growing them before they taste great no matter what they look like. I was hoping the plants would find the trellis and start climbing up them but they didn’t so I’ve had to attach them with string.

Sadly, I’ve had to dismantle the cauliflower protection and clear the bed. The cauliflowers had been eaten so much there was only stalks left so it was just a waste of space keeping them. I’m not sure if it’s too late to put something else in the bed but I’m thinking flowers. Michelle has lots of flowers on her plot – loads of dahlias which I love (my one has all but disappeared) and marigolds. Her plot looks so colourful and happy so I may look for some flowers I can plant now that will add some colour as we go into Autumn. Ooh, allotment shopping – my favourite!

It doesn’t look like I’ll be getting many more strawberries from the strawberry bed this year. The bed has grown so much since I first planted it and it continues to produce runners so, instead of just pushing them back into the bed to stop the bed spreading even further I decided I would try to make some new strawberry plants. I had a quick read up of what I needed to do and it’s fairly straightforward. I picked some pots from the shed and filled them with compost. I then placed them next to the strawberry bed and put the new runners into them. Hopefully the runners will establish themselves in the pots and I can then cut them from the main plant. They recommend you do this every year or so to ensure you have a steady stream of new plants as strawberry plants only last around 3-4 years before you need to replace them. Make the most of this – one of the very few times you will find me doing anything so organised and forward thinking!

The cloches seem to be doing their jobs quite well. One of the tiny peppers has definitely been eaten by something (no dount a flippin slug!) but the leaves have all survived and the kale and brocolli seem to be doing ok too.

The peppers in mum’s greenhouse are doing really well. We still have the 2 peppers, both are growing well. The cucumbers are growing tall – not many flowers but one tiny cucumber (yay!) and the aubergine is looking great with a few flowers.

I still have one of my pepper plants on my kitchen windowsill, just as a bit of an experiment to see which ones do the best. So far, it’s definitely the greenhouse, although the one on the windowsill isn’t doing too bad either – it has quite a few tiny little buds which will, with a bit of luck turn into peppers. Depending on how well they do inside I may decide to grow all my peppers indoors from now on – stops the bloody slugs getting to them!

Nothing to harvest this week apart from some blackberries. I’ve not made anything with them, so far I’ve been eating them as they are – they’re so tasty. We’re off to Leeds next week to visit my sister and I think I’ll take her some rhubarb as Rhubi is ready to harvest again.

This is how I left the plot this week. Not sure if I’ll make it down there next week as we’re off to Leeds to visit my sister – it may just be a flying visit to pick some rhubarb. So I don’t have any plans for the coming week for the plot, it will just have to cope without me!

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