Pumpkin and Peppers

Yes – I have actually managed to grow something! The (one and only) pumpkin is doing well and I think it’s safe on the rung of the ladder so, with a bit of luck (and gravity!) it won’t be eaten by anything. As you can see from the photos it’s currently a very dark green. It’s been such a long time since I grew…well, anything I’m not sure if it will eventually turn orange or stay green. I guess we’ll find out.

So, that’s it really – join me next time for another thrilling update!

Oh, ok then, I’ll tell you what else is happening but brace yourself, this could all get far too exciting for some of you!

First of all the cucumbers. I’ve had quite a few cucumbers off the 4 plants so far, however today I had to dig up 2 of the plants as they were decidedly dead. So, only 2 plants left. If I’m honest I probably have enough cucumbers now so if they don’t produce any more I won’t be that sorry.

I’ve had to dig up the kale and the broccoli. The kale had been eaten to within an inch of its life and the brocolli really wasn’t doing very much so I decided to just cut my losses and dig them up. They went in the compost bin so they are at least going to be some use eventually (because they weren’t any flippin use in the ground!)

This morning was beautifully sunny so I met Michelle on the plot for what we laughingly call ‘work’ (‘work’ mainly involves drinking tea and chatting until we feel we should really get up and do something – basically it’s lots of tea breaks with short bursts of work in between!) I’m sure Michelle gets so much more done when I’m not there to distract her. Anyway, in between the tea breaks this morning I pulled up all the dead sunflowers and put them in the compost and moved the gladioli from where the water butts are eventually going, to the new flower bed. (I know the last photo doesn’t really show the gladioli in their new bed very clearly but I forgot to take a proper photo of them)

Aswell as the pumpkin I also have a squash. I’m almost embarrassed to mention it or call it a ‘squash’ because, technically it isn’t (yet!) It’s like a little baby, potential squash. I thought it was the only one I had but Michelle spotted another baby, potential squash this morning so I have 2 possible squashes (See! I told you this could all be a bit much for some of you. I really hope you’re all ok!) First photo was a week ago – it hasn’t grown much has it?!

Rhubi is doing marvellously. I’m not allowed to harvest her now (for some reason that I’m not even going to pretend to understand) She’s absolutely enormous and I know I worry about her every year and every year she’s absolutely fine but I need to start thinking about what I do with her over winter. I seem to remember cutting her right back and covering her up. It seems such a shame not to be able to harvest the stalks at the moment.

When I was able to harvest Rhubi I used the stalks to make rhubarb gin. Then I used the gin infused rhubarb to make rhubarb cake which has gone down very well with the volunteers at Random Cafe (last week we all got quite giggly after eating it!)

I also have some baby peppers! Can you contain your excitement?! I did warn you! The 2 plants have survived but only one of them has any peppers on it, but it has lots. Unfortunately, turning up so late in the growing season they now have no time at all to grow anywhere near big enough and they certainly won’t have enough time to turn red.

So, after a not very productive week, here’s how I left the plot today. No plans, as such for next week. Just wondering how many plants will survive?!

One thought on “Pumpkin and Peppers

  1. Well, my winter squash is not much better. The garden was abandoned a few times. I should have done without it this summer. I was just catching up when we needed to evacuate. The garden survived, but was set back again by not getting watered while we were gone. The rhubarb lives on a separate parcel that burned. It will survive, but will need to regenerate. Rhubi looks great.

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