Thank you and Goodbye

This is going to be my last blog post I’m afraid. I’ve made the difficult decision to give up my allotment plot as I no longer have the time to commit to it.

‘Random Cafe’ – the food waste cafe I volunteer with was given a permanent site back in September – something we’ve been working towards since our inception over 3 years ago. The site was previously a gardening project and has lots of raised beds and 4 polytunnels (I am SO excited to have polytunnels!) but it had been left unattended for about 18 months, so it was very overgrown and has needed a lot of work. I have been spending all my free time at the new site overseeing volunteers and using the knowledge I’ve gained from clearing my allotment plot to clear the new site so I don’t feel I have the time needed to also care for my plot. We’ve made marvellous progress in the short time we’ve had it (and filled 10 skips!) If you would like to follow our progress you can take a look at

Unfortunatley, the plot I’m handing over to the next person isn’t exactly at its best but I’m going to stick my neck out here and say it’s in much better condition than when I took it on!

Oh dear! This is definitely not how I expected to leave it for the next plot holder but I have to remember all the rubbish I removed from the plot which they won’t see!

I tried to dig up Rhubi to take her to the new site but she wasn’t budging so I’ve had to leave her. Michelle has promised to keep an eye on her for me!

I did manage to dig up the chrysanthemum and move it to the new site. When I started digging it actually spilt into 3 parts so I took 2 and left 1. The 2 parts are now planted at the new site.

I had my final visit a week or so ago – Michelle and I had a final cup of tea and a chat at the table. I’m sad to give up my plot after all the hard work I put into it but I’ve made some lovely friends and gained a lot of gardening knowledge (even if the blog didn’t make it seem like I had!) and I feel it’s time to hand it over to someone who can give it the time and care it deserves.

Thank you all so much for reading my (mostly) weekly ramblings – I hope you’ve enjoyed following my allotment journey and so, for the last time, here’s how I left the plot.

8 thoughts on “Thank you and Goodbye

  1. Oh! As saddening as leaving the plot is, the venture sounds exciting. It is not easy to do everything that we want to do. I certainly hope that Rhubi is well cared for though!


    1. Thank you and thank you for engaging so much with my posts – I’ve found it really interesting. The new venture is very exciting and I’m hoping to be able to carry on with my blog writing on Random Cafe’s website.

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  2. Thank you, I’ve really enjoyed following your allotment journey. Good luck with the new venture.


    1. Thank you so much for following me and engaging with my posts. The cafe closed on Saturday – we were going to stay open until today but after the government announcement on Saturday, we decided to close early to keep everyone safe.


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